New Year’s Eve in Charleston


behind the scenes.. haha


My favorite little detail is this Kate Spade “cheers” necklace I got from Nordstrom years ago. Sold out but I found it for you guys here.

So I couldn’t decide what to do for New Year’s this year. Last year, Cuba was amazing for New Year’s Eve and I always go somewhere exciting but I knew I had to stay domestic since I’m working on a few projects! Charleston is an easy drive {3 hours from Charlotte} and offered slightly warmer weather so I was excited to get away for a spontaneous few days for the holiday!

Before even checking into the room, we wandered in to Republic Garden & Lounge for some champagne lobster fries & a mixed greens salad with avocado. The perfect afternoon treat.


I absolutely love all the walking you get to do staying downtown in the Historic district and it’s so fun to just get lost and I never met a colorful wall I didn’t like. I can’t get enough of the beautiful architecture. And the southern hospitality of all the friendly people is so welcoming.

Whenever I’m with someone who’s not very familiar with Charleston, I can’t wait to take them to the rooftop of the Market Pavilion Hotel just to see their reaction. It’s a little hidden oasis. And I always get a glass of something bubbly to take in the rooftop view and the duck confit nachos are my favorite thing on the menu.


For dinner, The Ordinary came highly recommended and I ordered a sampling of their oysters. It’s the perfect place to go with people when you want to mix it up because even though it’s pretty fancy they encourage all the plates for sharing!


On New Year’s Eve, we toasted Prosecco in the room (paired with flaming hot Cheetos) and headed to The Darling Oyster Bar for dinner and drinks which was my favorite meal. The cold bar is delicious and has so many options there’s something for everybody {even if you’re not a big seafood lover} I actually had my heart set on having smore’s so I ordered their version after eating off the raw bar.


I loved the atmosphere at The Darling so much, we stayed to ring in the New Year. It was a fun, intimate setting with everyone hanging out at the bar and we had the perfect view for people watching out the window from our seats and that was the most entertaining part of the night! I was bundled up but there were many brave souls on King Street wearing little outfits. We waited until after midnight to go dancing which was genius in my opinion because you’re not buying a ticket to get in anywhere!

For New Year’s Day, we explored Sullivan’s Island, watched a polar plunge on the beach and I made sure to drink lots of peppermint tea with lemon and even made it to the gym that night.

This year has been full of so much growth and love and change when it comes to business and relationships for me.

I am finally ready to share that I started a web design company and it has finally launched!! This is something I’ve been working on for a while but wanted to wait until the right time to share with my readers. So please check out my website and if anyone would like help with their blog or website please let me know I’d love to help! / Xo!


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17 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Charleston

  1. I didn’t know that Charleston was so colorful. Let me guess. You prefer the pink building?
    Thank you for sharing your latest travel adventure. Good luck on the web design business. The website looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha how did you know?! funny story there was actually a girl doing a full blown photo shoot in front of the pink building and my friend said, “oh she’s a model” and I said “no she’s a blogger” we ended up saying hello and she’s a blogger from Columbia. Bloggers can’t get enough of pink walls 🙂 Thank you so much! Happy you got to check it out!


    1. Thank you! Your’e the sweetest! 🙂 I got it at Bebe years ago!! I’ve worn it with a skirt but it’s such a flattering cut you can wear it with any bottoms! Oh my gosh my friend was skeptical about ordering those but I made an executive decision and we almost got a second order because we didn’t want to share! So good!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! Loved your post! I have a question though, do you drink herbal teas, because there is a peach tea that I really like and think you’d like it too. Just curious. Charleston sounds really amazing! And I will definitely check out your website!


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