How to Apply Lashes

Do you guys remember this post about eyelashes I wrote a while back? Well I have a lot of girlfriends who always ask how to actually put them on so I thought it would be helpful and fun to do a quick video (it’s less than 2 minutes long) showing how I actually put them on!

And a few notes to make it easier:

  • Always use dark glue!
  • Let the glue dry about a minute before applying
  • For a more natural look, cut them down by at least 1/3
  • If you peel the glue off and take care of them after, you can re-wear the same lashes over and over
  • To blend them in even more, apply some eyeliner over the top

This was so short I just did a live video while getting ready but I’d love to shoot more if you guys liked it! <3

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