My Smoothie Recipe


I have had a few people request this post so here ya go!

The past couple of years I have gradually tried to make healthier choices. Last year I started having fruit smoothies for breakfast from my favorite organic juice bar.

This year I read more about nutrition and listened to one podcast that really surprised me. Kelly LeVeque (Jessica Alba & Chelsea Handler’s nutritionist) recommended having no more than 1/4 cup of fruit a day! I was shocked. Because fruit is good for you, no? I wasn’t eating a doughnut for breakfast. I was having a smoothie. I was eating healthy!!! Say it isn’t so!

But I picked up her book from the library and started doing my own research. I tried what she recommended and even tried some no fruit smoothies and I lost 8 lbs just by making very small changes. I am not a nutritionist but this has helped me. So, I am here to share the wealth with you guys!

From a nutritional standpoint, you feel fuller longer and tend to lose weight when combining Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fat, and Greens. FAB 4.

So I started making my own smoothies at home with this in mind. For liquid, I add water. I know, so exciting. You can use coconut water if you don’t use any fruit in your smoothie.


PROTEIN – For protein I use Vega protein powder or Primal Kitchen Collagen collagen protein powder. (I cut out dairy so no whey protein for me).

FIBER – spoonful of Chia seeds or hemp seeds.

HEALTHY FAT – almond butter or avocado. Avocados are great because they have both fiber + healthy fat. Efficient.

GREENS – Always spinach, sometimes add kale or arugula. Any greens you like. A few handfuls of greens is what I go for.

I add cinnamon because it gives it a little more flavor and helps to balance my blood sugar. If I add fruit, I have less than 1/4 cup of berries or mango but sometimes I use avocado in place of fruit.

Feel free to add any super-foods you like: bee pollen, spirulina, maca, collagen – the list goes on. Even add your chlorophyll 😉 Add ice, mix, and you’re good to go!

Friends and clients have seen me out and about and have asked about my smoothies and even asked to try them. I always offer a disclaimer : They are not the very best tasting smoothies but they are so incredibly good for you. I kind of look at it like food is my medicine and its purpose should be to fuel my body.


Lately I’ve also been on a big collagen kick. Collagen is so so good for your skin, joints, hair and nails and it helps me get enough protein in my diet. Note about the Primal Kitchen Collagen protein – I get the Chocolate Coconut and drink it hot and pretend it’s hot chocolate. 🙂


Throughout the day I drink peppermint or lemon or ginger tea and try to stay really hydrated.

At night, I’ve been sipping on this calming magnesium drink after my works outs and it helps settle my mind when it’s still going and it’s getting near bed time.

And I have lots of travel posts coming up and a few big trips so stay tuned 🙂


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