Playsuits in Paris




I thought this was something kind of fun and different to post. I haven’t done an outfit post in so so long! So getting back to my roots! Paris is amazing. I literally took all our bedding and made my own little nest by the window sill πŸ™‚ Can’t get enough of that view! It’s simply perfect for relaxing by the window with an espresso or 3!

We stayed in airbnb which will always be my favorite way to experience a place. It was huge! I’ll be doing a few Paris posts since there were so many pictures!

After Paris, we went to the Riviera and Monaco. Can’t wait to show you guys more! Lately,  I’ve been sharing more day to day updates in a private Facebook group. If you’re interested, I can add you in πŸ™‚

Romper $15 found here.

19 thoughts on “Playsuits in Paris

      1. I fell in love with the city on my first visit when I was 13. I’ve been back loads since and it just gets more and more amazing.

  1. Sometimes, I just repeat myself about your posts. Great photos. How many espressos did you end up having by the window? You have a Facebook group? I would enjoy reading your travel updates.

    1. Hi, Jonas! Thank you so much! I see you’re part of the group now so happy to have you 😊 as far as the espresso I had at least 2 every day but when I’m home I have it more sparingly European coffee is just so good!

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