I could have sat here and watched that cute elderly couple all day!




Bonjour! Paris always gets me. In case you missed my last Parisian post, I’ll catch you up. We stayed at the cutest and dreamiest airbnb that was huge! I had espresso and champagne every day. (not at the same time though) And at home in the U.S. I stick to a pretty healthy diet with no bread and no dairy but when in Europe I eat all the croissants, baguettes, and cheese! It’s just wrong not to! I had a baguette or croissant in my purse at all times. It’s just so much better here! So I’ve been indulging and saw the sights before heading to the Riviera & Monaco!

I shared more behind the scenes of our stay on my Instagram stories and I saved it so you can still check it out!

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7 thoughts on “Bonjour!

      1. I’ve been twice and there were transit strikes both times, so that impacted my views of getting around a bit. That and trying to get luggage through the tiny entrances. Haha

        We had baguettes and cheese every morning. 😁

      2. Bottle of red wine for us while watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Best wine for $5 I’ve ever had. lol

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