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The quality of some of these pictures is little all over the place because some are from my phone and man you can tell the difference between the pictures from my Canon Rebel! The Riviera is just so so beautiful! I flew into Nice and really wish I had allotted more time to stay there! So next time I’ll have a better idea of a good itinerary.

When we got to Monaco, we were so tired and had a long uphill journey to our hotel. We technically stayed in France but Monaco was on the other side of the street so if you’re on a budget, consider staying slightly outside Monaco (you know, if your yacht is in the shop or something 😉 ) This last pic is the view from our terrace I was so happy for sunshine!

Monte Carlo is so pretty! And it’s so fun to get dressed up and see casinos and people watch in cafes! We went to a really nice dinner one night and the next agreed to go to a bodega and make our own dinner in the room before going out. Good thing too because drinks were pretty pricey! So we tried to balance it out but be prepared for the ritzy prices before going!

We kept laughing because it seemed like the staff at our hotel was so bothered to be there. Breakfast was complimentary and by the time we sat one day they were out of coffee and I asked if we could have more and they said, “no”  haha! So things like that kept happening but we joked about it with each other.

I did manage to get some work done and have a virtual meeting with my business partner at a cafe and had an a-ha! moment. Like, oh this is really happening. I envisioned traveling and working on my own schedule and I’m so excited it’s coming to life. {Speaking of which we just revamped our website if you want to check it out!}

My friend Blaire is going to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix in May and I’m already so excited for her! Can’t wait to come back soon. From here I flew to Morocco!

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19 thoughts on “Monaco

    1. I’m definitely going back! We barely spent any time in Nice and I actually preferred it to Monaco! And we still haven’t done Marseille and Provence so another trip is a must! We were pushed for time because I had booked Morocco but it was so hard to leave!


  1. Charlotte

    Since you’re much younger than me I was scratching my head for recommendations, then I found a great list of things to see and do in Nice that should appeal:

    A local’s guide to Nice, France: 10 top tips

    When you come back to Nice, try and fit in a trip to Antibes and Cannes, easy to reach on the train.

    Happy travelling

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