We flew from Ireland to Paris, to Nice, to finally Morocco! I have been wanting to go to Marrakesh for the longest time! The riads are so beautiful and many are very inexpensive. It feels like you have a whole palace to yourself and people to wait on you anytime you need anything.

I thought I would end up doing some shopping in France and turns out I wasn’t in the mood for shopping so I got to Morocco realizing my clothing items were somewhat limited. I brought a couple pairs of leggings and mostly dresses and the tops weren’t conservative so I actually borrowed a men’s shirt for my first day out of the riad (you can wear whatever you want in the riad). So it wasn’t the most flattering look for pictures but I wanted to be respectful while sightseeing and not draw too much attention to myself.

We stayed in Old Town Marrakesh which is much more traditional local people and dirt roads with animals and souk shops. We could easily walk to New Town (about a mile) and it felt like we were back in the U.S. there! Like two different worlds. New Town has paved roads, H&M, ZARA, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and lots of cement and new construction it felt just like I was home. So funny.

I felt comfortable enough the following days to wear some dresses I brought and just wore a jacket over them. Some tourists wear whatever they like when visiting and you definitely can without issue but I felt it would be nice to switch it up anyways.

We went camel riding! I realize now I mostly took videos instead of pictures and you can see them on my Instagram. We rode camels through an oasis and it was so cool! I drank lots of mint tea which is a specialty here and made a new friend the very first night I arrived! He was from San Fransisco and traveling alone and we went to some museums and it made it all the more fun!

I would absolutely go back to Morocco and I want to explore more cities and do even more excursions next time!

From Morocco to Barcelona… 🙂

21 thoughts on “Morocco

  1. Morrocco looks amazing, like something out of the Arabian nights. The food looks delicious . Who’s cat is that in the picture? Looks like it connected with you immediately .

  2. I was never thinking of visiting Morocco (honestly, I was thinking this might be a bit of a boring destination for me), but I changed my mind after seeing your pictures! 🙂 Btw, just followed you on Instagram 🙂

  3. Your posts and pics are just beautiful as yourself ma’am. I am still wondering if I can get that T-shirt made…. “Quit your job… go on a vacation.. fall in love……. ” 🙂 How have you been??

      1. Ah I see – these days we have to be careful what goes on the internet… the ideas travel faster than the light… Einstein might have changed his thoughts 🙂 Hope you are doing good…. Keep dazzling us!!!

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