FALL-ing for you

IMG_2017IMG_2018IMG_2019IMG_2020IMG_2023IMG_2024IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2033As much as I love Summer, I feel like Fall is hard not to love. This top is from LookBook years ago but I found some similar styles here. I love the softness of it and you can wear it with skirts, shorts, jeans, slacks. And it is so soft! Skirt from Forever 21. Similar ones here!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing some posts that aren’t travel related. But it’s fun to show some of my hometown when I’m here.

Again, I’m so happy I got these presets on sale because I edited all these pictures with ONE click. I can put photos together in 5 minutes now so I feel more encouraged to post more often and they make the biggest difference.

Don’t worry, travel posts will be back soon! Going somewhere tropical in about 2 weeks!

9 thoughts on “FALL-ing for you

  1. I think saying ‘gorgeous’ would be an understatement. Genuinely love all your pictures in all the different outfits from all the different places. Little question though – who clicks all your photos?

  2. I like the writing you got here. Nice photos of course? Have you ever considered looking into fashion that was created and Made In America? Just a thought from us over here in Wildtown. Peace and low stress, mdmc

    1. Thank you! I’m open to suggestions haha I linked my jeans in the Fall Uniform post and those are made in America and many of my other items as well. I tend to look for brands that are affordable and good quality.

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