Autumn Uniform

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I have been living in these JBrand jeans I got 60% off, a Gucci dupe belt I paid $12 for and  this $18 (It’s actually 50% off right now with code YEAH50 – so only $9! black bodysuit turtleneck. I love this turtleneck so much, when they went on sale, I got another one in black, a white one, and a camel colored one.

Coat is actually Forever21 but really good quality! Bag is a Koret Vintage handbag I got in a shop in Boone off King Street. (I think it’s from the 60’s which is super cool to me – and it was under $20)

I know it seems I’ve taken a different direction from my normal travel posts and I want to start incorporating some fashion posts into my blog again because I really do enjoy fashion but I’ve always struggled with feeling like I was giving up a trip if I did go shopping.

This year, I became a lot more minimalistic with all of my things. I got rid of a ton of stuff and consciously decided to start getting rid of things that didn’t bring me joy anymore or didn’t suit me. So many of my clothes were still from high school so I cleaned out most of my wardrobe but I am replacing items with things that will hopefully be classics or are neutrals so they are easy to travel with and will last a long time without feeling outdated. And no more trendy pieces. Like 1 pair of white jeans, 1 pair of black jeans, etc. I don’t need multiples just one really good pair.

Vivienne Westwood said, “Buy less, choose well.” So I’m applying that philosphy!

I’m still trying to keep a minimum so that I still have a minimalistic feeling if that makes sense. I was just so over having a ton of stuff that didn’t make me happy and this way, I feel a bit more “grown up” without feeling guilty that I’m taking away from a travel budget. Let me know if any of you relate! I feel like travel makes you realize you don’t need that many things really. And this book is amazing and I recommend it especially if you’re holding onto clutter.

I started saving a lot of outfits and gift ideas all in one place to make it easier so check out my amazon profile here! Putting together a post on gift ideas for the traveler! And what I use to edit my photos can be found here.

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