Hints of Burgundy


You guys know I don’t like to spend a ton on clothes… my travel budget is way too important to me.

I was walking through the mall the other day and passed the Stuart Weitzman shoe store and just kept walking. If you’re not familiar, their over-the-knee boots are all over social media. (You know – the ones all the bloggers and fashion influencers wear?) After sampling some Nespresso – I decided what the heck. I’m going to try some on. So I walked back to the store and tried on a pair. (They were on sale so only a cool $700. yikes) And guess what? They were nothing special. I always thought I wanted a pair but I didn’t really get the hype after trying them on. How funny that I’ve almost fantasized about them and when they were in front of me I was like, “eeeh” .

I got these over the knee boots off amazon for $40 and I actually like that the heel is different – so not quite a dupe but I’m really happy I found some over the knee boots at this price point that actually STAY up. I’ve had over the knee boots that are too loose or become slouchy and these are going to be on repeat.

Skirt was $8 from Forever21. Black turtleneck body suit on sale for $9 here!

I started saving ideas for travel related gifts here but I would love to hear what you guys think!


7 thoughts on “Hints of Burgundy

    1. Hey, Tom! Did you mean expenditure? The SW boots I didn’t get were $700. I wish they were $70! The ones I did get were $40.

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