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Well hello there! I’ve been delinquent in updating my blog with travel posts and I have a few drafts saved that I’ll be uploading soon! This year I had a wedding in Cancun, went back to Cancun in February then to Tulum for the first time (amazing!). I had a few domestic trips to favorites like Charleston. This summer, I snagged tickets to Europe for about $360 roundtrip Charlotte to Paris! (Scott’s Cheap Flights is theeeee best!) So if you follow along on Instagram, you know I spent a few weeks in July in Paris, then Rome and even made it back to Mykonos! You guys know how much I love traveling and I like to save money where I can so I’m able to go on even more trips!

I also get asked a lot about products I use or my recommendations so I’ve been looking for an organized way to share all that information with you and hopefully save you some money along the way!

So I started a curated list to have everything in one place and honestly I use it all the time to remember what I need to buy! haha

I have saved everything from what fluoride – free toothpaste I use, to travel accessories, to boots and sweaters for fall, my favorite candle, and all of my beauty products and even how I store it. I really don’t like going to the store and some places only carry certain brands so I love having everything on Amazon that I buy regularly like my shaving cream and then I can just do an easy reorder. I also saved my favorite hair ties and the facial massager I use everyday to depuff!

This year, I’ve gotten really into investing in anything that brings me comfort at home. So in my cozy home category, you’ll find the exact bedding I use, my favorite slippers and robe, what diffuser I like, you get the idea! I also started a book list and even a tanning list with things I use all the time! The shoes section might just be my favorite. I have everything from Apl’s to stiletto’s saved there!

And I just created a health & wellness tab and a fitness tab. In my health & wellness tab, there’s a coffee scrub that had saved my skin! I started having very sensitive skin and this has been the only thing that’s helped me! I use it religiously on any problem areas and if I skip it for a day, my skin gets inflamed again. (It specifically helps with Kp and psoriasis). I spent so much money and went to see a dermatologist a few times and nothing worked and then this stuff was magic. So I know everyone’s skin is different, but if you’re like me and had tried everything, try it!

I also saved my favorite deodorants here and even the baby washcloths I use for my face.

In for the traveler, you’ll find gadgets like adapters, the neck pillow I like, travel sized products, gift ideas for travelers, luggage and a selfie light 🙂

Check out my entire storefront here and if there’s anything I forgot to add, please let me know or if you have questions about any of the products! I’ll be adding to this list regularly and updating things all the time! You can “follow” my storefront on Amazon too!


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