Whenever I Wake Up and Put on My Makeup


Last month I went to Denver, Colorado by myself for 5 days. I’ve been to Denver a few times and I really gravitate towards places where there’s a mix of nature and city. I love that you can dress up or dress down and everyone seems very easy going and non judgmental. I have honestly thought about relocating to Denver for a couple of years now and on my agenda was to look into neighborhoods I liked and to see if I really wanted to take concrete steps towards a move. As much as I love Denver, the other part of me would rather live in Europe. lol So maybe for now I’ll just visit until I figure out exactly what I want. Something I really enjoyed this trip was just taking my time. My life is so rushed and chaotic and just sitting still is such a luxury. Traveling alone I could really go at whatever pace I felt like and I love playing with makeup when I’m not in a rush to be out the door. In my everyday routine, I do my makeup in maybe 20 minutes or less and don’t experiment much. This trip, I played with my makeup and went slow and oh my gosh it made such a difference. I’ve been using mostly clean makeup lately when I can, with a few exceptions. All products are listed at the bottom of this post and I recorded a getting ready video on IGTV also that broke down into 3 parts!

On a side note, something I thought was interesting is normally I get approached when I’m alone in my hometown or traveling elsewhere, and I chatted with a married couple one day and connected with some really nice local restaurant staff. I kept going back to Jax for their oyster happy hour (with a side of champagne, please) but I noticed this trip I didn’t get a approached by any guys. Like once. lol not that I was looking but after 4 days I commented to a bartender about it and he was like… you look taken so no one is going to talk to you. You look like you’re waiting for your husband. And so I dressed down and literally wore my gym clothes to brunch after that and it didn’t make a difference. lol But maybe I’ll make more friends next time. Daniel from Jax was so accommodating and even wrote down a list of favorite places for me to check out during my visit and while we were chatting, a retired married couple sat down next to me and we started talking about the neighborhood and they were soooooo sweet. They chimed in and gave me their recommendations for favorite places and when I found out it was the woman’s birthday I told Daniel to let me buy her drink for her when I was leaving. And I wasn’t going to bring this up because I get so much satisfaction of a nice gesture if no one knows about it, but I went back the next day because I’m addicted to Jax’s oysters and calamari and Daniel said she cried! And they wanted my information and I honestly felt the same but didn’t want to be a weirdo giving this retired couple my number when I was there visiting. But it was so funny because I guess they told him they wanted to exchange information but felt weird about it too. lol But Dan said I’m a good human being and it kind of made my trip and I left my info for when they came in again since it’s their neighborhood spot and they texted me on Christmas Eve and it kind of made my day. But if you’re ever at a bar or something, try treating someone to a drink if you can especially if you can do it anonymously, it’s seriously the best feeling to do something nice for someone with no expectation. It was definitely the best thing I did while I was there. IMG_9493IMG_9570IMG_9571 2IMG_9494IMG_9488IMG_9490

Shop all makeup products here: http://liketk.it/2IHge http://liketk.it/2IHg6

Let me know any makeup products not linked and I’ll update! And feel free to ask any questions 🙂 As you can see, I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury & Lawless. Sooo good!

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