What is one to wear when you want to start incorporating fall pieces but you live in the South where it isn’t quite sweater weather just yet? Well I first wore this outfit in Charleston when it was still in the 70’s / 80’s and had to bring it out one last time for a decent photo on one of the last warmer days we had!

IMG_1899 2IMG_1901IMG_1912IMG_1913 2IMG_1914IMG_1917IMG_1918IMG_1927IMG_1942IMG_1943IMG_1954 2IMG_1960IMG_1964IMG_1911IMG_1895IMG_1921IMG_1935IMG_1892IMG_1974 2This top I got off Amazon and I like how versatile it is! You can dress it up or down. Wear a bra for more a sexy look or without for more natural look. This skirt is from Forever21 and I couldn’t find the exact same one online to link, but here’s a similar one from Amazon that is SO cute! Jewelry: Forever21. Heels: Target (old – and about to be deceased the cobblestones from my last trip killed them! lol )

Oh! And this purse is a Chloé dupe! One of my favorite purchases and it goes. with. everything! Linked it here! I started saving my favorites all in one place so I’m adding new items all the time.

And one last thing… I have been eyeing some photography presets for a while now and I have to say after pulling the trigger, I feel newly inspired to shoot and produce content for the blog. You guys are going to be so sick of photos because they make the biggest difference! I had wanted to buy the mobile package for over a year now and just got them on sale! I got the mobile preset bundle and will probably end up getting the desktop version also. The mobile presets only work on your phone and you download the Lightroom app (It was $10). So far I’m loving how it edits my photos with a click. So easy!

A Weekend In Charleston

Hi, guys! I just got back from a beautiful weekend in Charleston, South Carolina visiting my very best friend. She is in the air force and she’s about to leave again for 9 months so I went down to spend some time with her before she goes (and also to sip cocktails on rooftops and get some beach time in) and even ended up hanging out with some friends from Charlotte who just happened to be in town the same weekend as me. If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories, you got to see some behind the scenes of my trip and I also got to wear some new pieces I just got that I was really excited about!

For my favorite places in Charleston check out this post I wrote earlier this year.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I put such a big emphasis on travel, I never spend much on clothing because I feel like I’d rather add that to my travel budget. Well I found some great finds before my trip and so I wanted to share! After wearing the pieces I got soooo many comments and asked where I got my clothes from so I wanted to link here for you!

All the photos I have are from Snapchat/ Instagram Stories so please excuse the quality for this post! Sometimes traveling alone I feel more connected to you guys sharing videos and so most of these are screenshots.


got so many questions about this top! It criss crosses in the back and ties in the front. I wore it with some bell bottom pants!

IMG_5002IMG_4970IMG_5042IMG_4999IMG_5044IMG_4971IMG_4969IMG_5051 2IMG_5003IMG_5053 2IMG_5057 2IMG_5058 2IMG_5060IMG_5061 2IMG_5066IMG_5067IMG_5068IMG_5069IMG_5074IMG_5076 2IMG_5080 2

So I know these are all terrible quality photos but I will update this post once I get some better pics to go with it! Both of the tops I wore are from Amazon and I linked them here for you guys!




We flew from Ireland to Paris, to Nice, to finally Morocco! I have been wanting to go to Marrakesh for the longest time! The riads are so beautiful and many are very inexpensive. It feels like you have a whole palace to yourself and people to wait on you anytime you need anything.

I thought I would end up doing some shopping in France and turns out I wasn’t in the mood for shopping so I got to Morocco realizing my clothing items were somewhat limited. I brought a couple pairs of leggings and mostly dresses and the tops weren’t conservative so I actually borrowed a men’s shirt for my first day out of the riad (you can wear whatever you want in the riad). So it wasn’t the most flattering look for pictures but I wanted to be respectful while sightseeing and not draw too much attention to myself.

We stayed in Old Town Marrakesh which is much more traditional local people and dirt roads with animals and souk shops. We could easily walk to New Town (about a mile) and it felt like we were back in the U.S. there! Like two different worlds. New Town has paved roads, H&M, ZARA, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and lots of cement and new construction it felt just like I was home. So funny.

I felt comfortable enough the following days to wear some dresses I brought and just wore a jacket over them. Some tourists wear whatever they like when visiting and you definitely can without issue but I felt it would be nice to switch it up anyways.

We went camel riding! I realize now I mostly took videos instead of pictures and you can see them on my Instagram. We rode camels through an oasis and it was so cool! I drank lots of mint tea which is a specialty here and made a new friend the very first night I arrived! He was from San Fransisco and traveling alone and we went to some museums and it made it all the more fun!

I would absolutely go back to Morocco and I want to explore more cities and do even more excursions next time!

From Morocco to Barcelona… 🙂





Nice is Nice



The quality of some of these pictures is little all over the place because some are from my phone and man you can tell the difference between the pictures from my Canon Rebel! The Riviera is just so so beautiful! I flew into Nice and really wish I had allotted more time to stay there! So next time I’ll have a better idea of a good itinerary.

When we got to Monaco, we were so tired and had a long uphill journey to our hotel. We technically stayed in France but Monaco was on the other side of the street so if you’re on a budget, consider staying slightly outside Monaco (you know, if your yacht is in the shop or something 😉 ) This last pic is the view from our terrace I was so happy for sunshine!

Monte Carlo is so pretty! And it’s so fun to get dressed up and see casinos and people watch in cafes! We went to a really nice dinner one night and the next agreed to go to a bodega and make our own dinner in the room before going out. Good thing too because drinks were pretty pricey! So we tried to balance it out but be prepared for the ritzy prices before going!

We kept laughing because it seemed like the staff at our hotel was so bothered to be there. Breakfast was complimentary and by the time we sat one day they were out of coffee and I asked if we could have more and they said, “no”  haha! So things like that kept happening but we joked about it with each other.

I did manage to get some work done and have a virtual meeting with my business partner at a cafe and had an a-ha! moment. Like, oh this is really happening. I envisioned traveling and working on my own schedule and I’m so excited it’s coming to life. {Speaking of which we just revamped our website if you want to check it out!}

My friend Blaire is going to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix in May and I’m already so excited for her! Can’t wait to come back soon. From here I flew to Morocco!



I could have sat here and watched that cute elderly couple all day!




Bonjour! Paris always gets me. In case you missed my last Parisian post, I’ll catch you up. We stayed at the cutest and dreamiest airbnb that was huge! I had espresso and champagne every day. (not at the same time though) And at home in the U.S. I stick to a pretty healthy diet with no bread and no dairy but when in Europe I eat all the croissants, baguettes, and cheese! It’s just wrong not to! I had a baguette or croissant in my purse at all times. It’s just so much better here! So I’ve been indulging and saw the sights before heading to the Riviera & Monaco!

I shared more behind the scenes of our stay on my Instagram stories and I saved it so you can still check it out!

Check out Paris post from last year & the year before here, here, & here.

Playsuits in Paris




I thought this was something kind of fun and different to post. I haven’t done an outfit post in so so long! So getting back to my roots! Paris is amazing. I literally took all our bedding and made my own little nest by the window sill 🙂 Can’t get enough of that view! It’s simply perfect for relaxing by the window with an espresso or 3!

We stayed in airbnb which will always be my favorite way to experience a place. It was huge! I’ll be doing a few Paris posts since there were so many pictures!

After Paris, we went to the Riviera and Monaco. Can’t wait to show you guys more! Lately,  I’ve been sharing more day to day updates in a private Facebook group. If you’re interested, I can add you in 🙂

Romper $15 found here.



I went to Denver last April and didn’t realize until someone asked for recommendations I never even did a post on it!

I just got back from Denver a few days ago and my friend and I spontaneously bought tickets to Europe after finding a cheap deal so I leave Sunday! So I will have tons more to share. Also I did a quick live Instagram video introducing my new web design business.


So back to Denver – my best friend and I booked a trip to Denver then as the dates got closer realized we were going to be there on Valentine’s Day. Super romantic to be traveling with your best friend but we had so much fun. We had to laugh because at restaurants they would give us the “Valentine’s Dinner for 2” menu and things like that.

So funny story, we were both super busy leading up to our trip so literally the day before my friend asks if I booked a place yet and she picked one last minute. We were very much on the “non-plan Plan” I figured it would all work out. If you’ve been following for a while, you know that’s kind of my style though. Remember Paris? haha So she booked a cute airbnb for our first couple nights and I walk into the house and there’s a big, sweet golden retriever. Very cute, but turns out we had only rented a room instead of the whole place. Whoops. After about a 5 minute mental adjustment, we looked around and saw how adorable the place was and that we did have some privacy so we decided to stay. (I did a private room in Asheville once but I was expecting it – so a little different). On the second day I was doing my hair getting ready for dinner when the host came home and was very surprised we were there. We thought we had booked the place for 2 nights but only booked it for 1 night so we had a good laugh about it before asking if we could please stay and pay. Thanks goodness other guests weren’t coming to check in because that would have been a little awkward.

For the rest of the trip we were in a hotel downtown and I have to say as much as I love airbnb, it was so nice to have a gym while traveling! And I packed my resistance bands and used them every other day even if it was just a short work out so I was proud of myself.  They’re so light and easy to throw in your bag and even if it’s just 15 minutes I didn’t come home feeling like I’d gotten off track.

We rented a car one day and drove up to Breckenridge which was such a quaint little town! We ate at Blue River Bistro which was one of the best meals we had – their sweet potato soup – yum!

In the city, we checked out a few different areas and I loved Beatrice & Woodsley and we went to the Art Hotel Rooftop – Fire – a couple times since I went in April and really liked it. There were so many bars and restaurants we wanted to try and I can’t wait for my next trip out there! We ran out of time but we were hoping to do these hot springs I visited in April and even looked into dog sledding and snow mobiling!

So if you have recommendations, I’d love to hear. I’m always adding to my list for next time! I haven’t even finished unpacking and now I’m packing for my next trip which I”m super excited about. Any guesses where I’m going in Europe? Xo

How to Apply Lashes

Do you guys remember this post about eyelashes I wrote a while back? Well I have a lot of girlfriends who always ask how to actually put them on so I thought it would be helpful and fun to do a quick video (it’s less than 2 minutes long) showing how I actually put them on!

And a few notes to make it easier:

  • Always use dark glue!
  • Let the glue dry about a minute before applying
  • For a more natural look, cut them down by at least 1/3
  • If you peel the glue off and take care of them after, you can re-wear the same lashes over and over
  • To blend them in even more, apply some eyeliner over the top

This was so short I just did a live video while getting ready but I’d love to shoot more if you guys liked it! ❤

My Smoothie Recipe


I have had a few people request this post so here ya go!

The past couple of years I have gradually tried to make healthier choices. Last year I started having fruit smoothies for breakfast from my favorite organic juice bar.

This year I read more about nutrition and listened to one podcast that really surprised me. Kelly LeVeque (Jessica Alba & Chelsea Handler’s nutritionist) recommended having no more than 1/4 cup of fruit a day! I was shocked. Because fruit is good for you, no? I wasn’t eating a doughnut for breakfast. I was having a smoothie. I was eating healthy!!! Say it isn’t so!

But I picked up her book from the library and started doing my own research. I tried what she recommended and even tried some no fruit smoothies and I lost 8 lbs just by making very small changes. I am not a nutritionist but this has helped me. So, I am here to share the wealth with you guys!

From a nutritional standpoint, you feel fuller longer and tend to lose weight when combining Protein, Fiber, Healthy Fat, and Greens. FAB 4.

So I started making my own smoothies at home with this in mind. For liquid, I add water. I know, so exciting. You can use coconut water if you don’t use any fruit in your smoothie.


PROTEIN – For protein I use Vega protein powder or Primal Kitchen Collagen collagen protein powder. (I cut out dairy so no whey protein for me).

FIBER – spoonful of Chia seeds or hemp seeds.

HEALTHY FAT – almond butter or avocado. Avocados are great because they have both fiber + healthy fat. Efficient.

GREENS – Always spinach, sometimes add kale or arugula. Any greens you like. A few handfuls of greens is what I go for.

I add cinnamon because it gives it a little more flavor and helps to balance my blood sugar. If I add fruit, I have less than 1/4 cup of berries or mango but sometimes I use avocado in place of fruit.

Feel free to add any super-foods you like: bee pollen, spirulina, maca, collagen – the list goes on. Even add your chlorophyll 😉 Add ice, mix, and you’re good to go!

Friends and clients have seen me out and about and have asked about my smoothies and even asked to try them. I always offer a disclaimer : They are not the very best tasting smoothies but they are so incredibly good for you. I kind of look at it like food is my medicine and its purpose should be to fuel my body.


Lately I’ve also been on a big collagen kick. Collagen is so so good for your skin, joints, hair and nails and it helps me get enough protein in my diet. Note about the Primal Kitchen Collagen protein – I get the Chocolate Coconut and drink it hot and pretend it’s hot chocolate. 🙂


Throughout the day I drink peppermint or lemon or ginger tea and try to stay really hydrated.

At night, I’ve been sipping on this calming magnesium drink after my works outs and it helps settle my mind when it’s still going and it’s getting near bed time.

And I have lots of travel posts coming up and a few big trips so stay tuned 🙂


Alleviating Altitude Sickness + My New Favorite Super-Food

One of my friends went to Colorado recently and she had a great time skiing but was SO sick from the altitude. It really affected her and impacted her trip. I recently started drinking chlorophyll daily for health benefits and lo and behold I saw that one of the benefits was it prevents and treats altitude sickness!!! So for all my travelers I hope this helps and for all my health-conscious friends here’s a super-food you may enjoy trying!


 Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits 🌱

Antioxidant / Deodorizer / Anti-inflammatory / Anti-Carcinogen / Anti-Aging

  • Alleviates altitude sickness {increases oxygen & magnesium} 
  • Doctors prescribe for vitality, energy, longevity & disease prevention when taken in liquid form 
  • Alkalinizes the body – therefore prevents damage to DNA 
  • Oxygenation of cells & tissues (has been used in hospitals IV’s to combat pain & swelling) increases quality & quantity of red blood cells 
  • Hormone balancer 
  • Combats signs of aging by stimulating anti-aging enzymes for healthy skin
  • Immunity booster 
  • Free radical neutralizer 
  • Cleanses and rejuvenates your body at a cellular level 
  • Can be used as mouthwash. Minty taste freshens your breath
  • Natural internal deodorizer {makes you smell like cake!}

Packed with vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids. Also noted to prevent kidney stones, alleviates symptoms of fatigue and insomnia and helps treat fibromyalgia and arthritis among many other ailments.  I actually had to trim this list down because the benefits and treatments just go on and on!

Chlorophyll is available in both powder and pill form but I think the liquid form gives you the most benefits. So far I’ve only tried this brand in the mint flavor but I was so excited about finding this super-food I had to share.chlorophyll

So add a few drops to your beer to make it festive this St. Patrick’s Day! Heck, I’ll use it instead of food coloring for any themed foods I make. Make your own green cocktail. Hey, it also prevents hangovers!

I will say it’s pigment is strong so be careful not to let it drip on your counter top (buy a dropper version to avoid spills) and be prepared to brush your teeth after since your tongue and teeth will look green!

Speaking of brushing teeth…. this sounds weird but I feel like I don’t even have morning breath when taking this every day. I’m kind of a psycho when it comes to brushing my teeth and always brush my teeth when I first wake up – not after a cup of coffee but before I do anything I have to brush my teeth. (I don’t think it’s good to swallow all that bacteria that’s been in your mouth all night.) It’s so strange to wake up feeling like your breath is already a little refreshed? And I do think it makes you exude a sweet smell. Obviously I still wear perfumes and all that but I’ve noticed along with the healthy benefits I’m exuding a sweeter smell naturally before I even apply my deodorant, perfume, etc.

This is definitely one of my staples now for a healthy body and I love all the extra beauty benefits – smelling sweeter is always a plus!

I went to a few health food stores this weekend looking for more chlorophyll and they didn’t have any but a few girls working asked what it does and now I’m pretty sure it’s going to be out of stock everyone soon because everyone said they’re going to start taking it!

And I’m off to Colorado next month so I’ll definitely bring some travel size chlorophyll to combat any altitude sickness! I included this Caudalié beauty elixir spray because it goes hand in hand with dry climates and is amazing for your skin.



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