Let’s talk Lashes

I don’t wear false lashes daily (or even makeup daily for that matter!) but when I do break them out for pictures or an occasion I want to look extra dolled up for, I’ve learned a few tricks for how to properly put them on so that no one is the wiser. Something about lashesContinue reading “Let’s talk Lashes”

Flower Power

My friend Mandi bought this dress a couple of years ago from Forever21 but it was too long for her petite frame. Being the nice, long-legged friend that I am, I took it off her hands for her. : ) I threw this on to run errands in and it’s soooo comfy. I love long,Continue reading “Flower Power”


The lovely team at Rocksbox sent me some gorgeous pieces and it was a reason to celebrate! Use code sittingprettyinthequeencityxoxo to receive 1 FREE month of their high end rented jewelry!! Each package contains on average $200 of designer jewelry and you keep it until you’re ready to swap it out for some new pieces!Continue reading “Rocksbox!”

Barefoot in my Backyard

I’ve shown some straight line dresses that kind of downplay your curves so I had to show you this illusion dress that accentuates them. I have lots of flowy maxi dresses but I love the look of this because you’re covered, but it’s still so flattering to your figure! The photos don’t do it justice,Continue reading “Barefoot in my Backyard”

Photo Shoot Prep Tip & Tricks

Here’s a few tips and tricks I wish I knew when I first started doing photoshoots years ago… Best face forward… If I have time, the morning of I’ll do my honey mask or I’ll scrub my face and lips with a little sugar. Afterwards, I’ll use a good moisturizer like Josie Maran milk andContinue reading “Photo Shoot Prep Tip & Tricks”

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This lace dress from Lulu’s would be perfect for a date night outfit or even for Easter Sunday coming up. It is currently out of stock (will be back in stock soon) but they have many other beautiful lace pastel pieces for Spring. Sign up for e-mails and receive discounts. (This dress was 20% off withContinue reading “Easy Like Sunday Morning”

The EYES have it…

I started using eye cream preventatively before I was 21. It’s my opinion that it’s much easier to prevent a problem than to try to fix it. The skin around your eyes is much more sensitive and thinner than the other skin on your face so normal facial moisturizer is not ideal for it. I gotContinue reading “The EYES have it…”