I love New York In Springtime… How about you?

My friend was saying people will think I’ve never been outside before because I think I took a picture of every flower I passed haha! We were making jokes. “Don’t mind her.. she was just released from a compound” I know it’s funny I put up a snap of this but I tell everyone to buyContinue reading “I love New York In Springtime… How about you?”

Sunday Best

“Florals?… For Spring?… Groundbreaking”  I got this dress from Lotus Boutique years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s surprisingly soft and comfortable and I love that it’s long enough to cover my long legs! Their buyer is really good at selecting clothes that have a way of complimenting a woman’s shape andContinue reading “Sunday Best”

An American in Paris

So I get to France and what do I do… I speak ITALIAN! My Italian has never been better and for some reason I cannot stop speaking it (perhaps because I’m still interacting with my Italian friends) but I have been speaking some sort of Italian mixed with Spanglish and almost no French whatsoever (I’mContinue reading “An American in Paris”

My Sanctuary…

Sanctuary Salon & Spa is the result of my friend Bettina’s love, hard work & creativity. Let me first introduce my friend to you: What a fox… amiright?! She’s one of those people that you are drawn to immediately. There’s such a warmth about her & it doesn’t hurt that she’s also a super talentedContinue reading “My Sanctuary…”

New Year’s

With the coming new year, I’m sure many of you view it as a time for reflection & change. Looking back on 2015, I am so glad that I’m not sitting here thinking about all the trips I could have gone on & didn’t. I really haven’t said “no” to anything this year and it’sContinue reading “New Year’s”

Mix ‘n Match

I’ve been wanting to share this outfit and had the perfect hat to complete it that I hauled with me all over Greece, Italy, & Paris! While I was sleeping one night in Paris someone actually broke in my room while I was asleep and stole my hat! (Ok, maybe no one stole it but I swearContinue reading “Mix ‘n Match”

Queen City

Mazda asked me to share a city moment and I was so excited to share a little bit of my city with you! Matt Hooker and Matt Moore are the artists behind this amazing mural in Charlotte, North Carolina (my hometown) and I thought it was such a fun reason to take pictures! With such an interestingContinue reading “Queen City”

Headband Braid

This is such a simple style that takes only a couple minutes and my favorite braids are fishtail with this look (but those can take a while to do and I did this just sitting on my patio haha) XOXO Joanna <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”addab91f3b245df56cb0589f39ade9a9″/>


Hope everyone is having a great week! I purchased my plane tickets to Greece and from Greece to Italy but am still figuring out hotel situations. The islands I’m leaning towards are Santorini & Mykonos so If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear about your experience! One piece purchased here : ) Stay tuned… lotsContinue reading “Dope”