Mix ‘n Match

I’ve been wanting to share this outfit and had the perfect hat to complete it that I hauled with me all over Greece, Italy, & Paris! While I was sleeping one night in Paris someone actually broke in my room while I was asleep and stole my hat! (Ok, maybe no one stole it but I swearContinue reading “Mix ‘n Match”

Headband Braid

This is such a simple style that takes only a couple minutes and my favorite braids are fishtail with this look (but those can take a while to do and I did this just sitting on my patio haha) XOXO Joanna <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”addab91f3b245df56cb0589f39ade9a9″/>

Red Siren Swimwear

I’m finally allowed to share pictures from a shoot I did with Red Siren Swimwear a couple weeks ago! I met the creator/designer of the swimsuit line when she came over to my condo with my roommate. We started talking swimwear and my eyes got really big and I got so excited I actually went toContinue reading “Red Siren Swimwear”